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Visual Identity

Creating an effective brand is more than important. It determine how strong and recognizable your brand that help business be more successful.

Why Visual Identity Important

The essence of creating a visual identity is that how you’re applying brand values to any visual element that will be used to promote business. It’s not just a mere logo, it’s consist a variety of marketing materials.

How It Will Help You

It’s what you see the first thing you recognize something, at least, that’s how potential customer will feel. “what you see” is brand’s visual identity, it will determine :

The visual representation of your brand has values and evokes specific feeling in your audience. 

It allows you to create a consistent message across all of your marketing content. Creating a cohesive branding package with tone of your brand.

The more place your brand featured, the more consumers recognized your brand, and it will be more memorable.

It’s how your visual representation able to differentiate with competitor.

An effective visual identity able to develop more trust on your brand that build customer loyalty. It allows customers to make a connection between a product and your brand.

Element Of Visual Identity

With a visual identity, you will be able to communicate through various type of content, depend on your needs. Our visual identity service, includes :

How We Do It

We dive in to know your brand very well about who you really are. Then, we translate it into a visual language that effectively communicates your brand story.

But when you apply it through your content, we recommend to get brand guidelines, so the implementation of it get clear direction, tips, and rules that should be followed for content creators. It help you maintain your brand integrity.

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