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Optimize your website technical configuration with SEO friendly approach that lead your page easily understand for search engine. With more relevant content link, blog post, and the right keyword, you will get on top the rank.

Why SEO Important

In 2020, 90.63% from all the website didn’t have a visitor, it means it get no traffic from Search Engine like Google. It must be a tough challenge when your website just used as a page for your company profile, that’s not wrong. But with optimize website on Search Engine, you will gain more organic target, especially the right audience that will turn to conversion.


How It Will Help You

With optimized rich content that target the right keyword, especially with the help of natural link building, it will easier to rank on top of the Google. With the right approach on SEO, you will get:

Not every traffic has the same worth. Mostly it because the target keyword has higher difficulty and high volume searches that will make your rank harder. Try the right approach to win It, make every visit count.

Mostly, high volume traffics are come from informational keyword. With the right approach and good copywriting, your site will get more conversion, especially if you do it correctly.

You should know that there is black hat approach that hit on top of Google so fast. But the consequence are far more terrible than you expect. Use natural link building approach, audit your site, and create rich content that outperform your competitor.

What SEO and Advertising approach is aligned to the same business goal. What make it different is when you used Ads, you got a shorcut from the platform, got prioritize, with diverse budgeting, depend on the campaign. 

SEO goal takes more times and effort you website platform. But, once you gain fruition from your platform, it will reward you more than you spend on it, think wisely.

How We Approach Your SEO

Our approach on how your website will rank is to audit your website first. By analyzing Onpage SEO, what has been done, what keyword has already ranked, we will gather the necessary data, research keyword, link building, and outperform your competitor with the rich content.

Thus we target several keyword per month that could rank page one on Google depend on the budget you spend for blog marketing. Sure, SEO is a long-term invesment that will gain more benefit for your future website development, imagine you can gain thousand or more visitor without spending on Ads, it’s how SEO work.

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