Distribution Strategy

KOL Approach

Involves your brands with people who experience and expertise in the respective field that, or at least, have the masses who might interest in your products. 

Why KOL Important

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) have the advantage of having an audience united by their interests. If you manage to work with a KOL who influences the type of audience that has the sama characteristic as your buyer persona, you will gain more targeted audience that help you reach your goal

How It Will Help You

Key opinion leader (KOL) is already known and well respected by their followers or fans. in terms of brand love, it is necessary to have the third person speaking about your brand and KOL indeed is trusted by their followers or fans (audience). That is one of the ways to create a massive impact to your brand.

How We Approach Your Media Planning

In terms of getting the impact that aligned from your plan, KOL is important for your distribution strategy. Our expertise team will analyze the KOL who suits/ can represent your brand the best.

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