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Keyword Research

Users intent on Search Engine are very unique, but they tend have pattern. Keyword research is an approach how to find and analyze search term. It’s the power understanding your audience and how you will approach it.

Why Keyword Research Important

SEO is one of the most important thing on how you approach when you creating content. Increase your traffic with the right Audience that will lead to purchase on website. You need to get the right people with the right content on your site.

How It Will Help You

Content strategy is one of the most important on how you make a content. With the right measurement, you can get the right keyword that has high value, bigger traffic, and relevant to your niche. So, the rank on your site easily improve, higher rate conversions, and outshine your competition. 

How We Approach Your Brand Heart

We use keyword strategy tools to identify the most effective keyword to reach your goal. By auditing your content, current ranking on sites, analyze competitor ranking, gather the recommeded keyword to approach and provide recommedation to improve your website SEO.

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