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Employees are one of the most important investments for a company (business), it’s an effort to build a good image in the eyes of the employer. Get top talent for your business by optimizing your business’s Employer Branding.

Why You Should Have Employer Brand

To build a strong brand, of course, you need a quality team. But in reality, it is very difficult to get the best quality talent according to your company’s needs amid a competitive recruitment market. 

With Employer Branding, your chances of being found and getting top talent will be even greater, your business will also get a positive image in front of your customers indirectly.

How Will It Help You

Through Employer Branding, you will be helped to:

Attracting qualified prospective employees is one of the functions of branding. Before applying to a company, prospective employees will look for information about the company. So, through Employer Branding efforts, it will make it easier for qualified employee candidates to find you.

If our brand is more accessible to candidates, we don’t need to spend money on advertising to find new employee candidates. This will provide efficiency in your brand HR development planning.

Through our Employer Branding efforts, we will enhance employee initiatives to promote their workplace. So that indirectly our employees will act as promoters who will increase our brand awareness.

If employees have shared the same vision and values with your brand, then not only will they work optimally, but they will also voluntarily promote your brand. A strong team is formed not only from good individual talent but also from a sense of ownership and desire to develop your brand.

How We Approach Your Employer Brand

We will try to dive into your brand to understand how your employees feel about their current work environment. Why they want to work for you, what is the unique value of your brand, and how you can connect that into content that will attract the people you want to build a strong team. Here are some elements in our manufacturing process:

    1. Employer Brand Audit
    2. Employer Value Proposition Audit
    3. Channel Discovery and Management
    4. Competition Audits
    5. Applicant Journey Mapping

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