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Brand Guidelines

Create & maintain your brand with beautifully designed and guidelines that help your content aligned with your brand.

Why Brand Guidelines is Important

In order to control how your content marketing will implement the use of brand, companies have to develop brand usage guidelines that ensure it will represented as intended. 

This include direction on how to apply brand elements, brand essence, do’s and dont’s, etc.

What Should Include In Guideline

Brand guideline provide all information to content creator, procedure, through all platform. Guideline should cover brand basics, which is : 

How We Approach Your Brand Guidelines

Comprehensive guidelines need all practical information for content creator need to apply on brand identity while doing it consistently. 

First, We identify your brand hearts (vision, mission, tagline). Next, we create logo & visual identity based on it that represent your story (It’s not included in brand guidelines, but there must be one to complete brand guideline).

 Last, we create a complete guideline that accessible, easy to apply, and aligned with your voice and visual identity. Having brand guidelines will help you get peace of mind, knowing that you can create beautiful content that reflect your brand.

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